"Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us" - Hebrews. 12:1

ICON Environmental & Inspection Services Announces the sponsorship of a Cross Country Motorcycle Racing Team. ICON is known throughout the southwest as experts in the environmental and Industrial Hygiene industry. In addition to their well known and respected reputation in those areas, ICON has sponsored a race team built around community and family values.   The Otto Family of Argyle Texas began racing in 1997. It wasn't long before the family hobby turned into a family passion. Their passion of the sport has now driven them to be a formidable team in cross-country motorcycle racing. The ICON Cross Country Racing Team began in 2004, with a team comprised of James Otto, (a Principle at ICON Environmental), Beau Otto, Hannah Otto, Ben Otto, Brian Jacobs, Robert Gravely, Leah Gravely, and Devon Coetzer. 

  “I'm all about keeping my family together and having fun together”, says ICON Cross Country Racing Team founder and the 2003 Over-40 State Championship winner, James Otto. “What I do isn't necessarily who I am. This was a way to bring two of my passions – my family and our business – together.”   Take a moment to browse our team photo gallery. For current team and individual standings click the appropriate link below:   TCCRA Race Standings:  Race Toro Standings:   If you would like more information on our team, or to become a member of our team, please contact jotto@iconenviro.com .